Yay for going home two weekends in a row!  Haha!  I’m so excited. Hopefully this time I’ll get a chance to hang w/ some church friends.  

Sam called last night and I was looking through my RVA year book… Wow. All those memories. It always hits me hard, but I’m glad for the good times.  It’s good to laugh.  I’m so thankful for the happiness I have now. It was a long time in coming. Sometimes I forget that. 

I love New Testament Studies: Paul. Funny…it’s my lowest grade but my favorite class. I didn’t know that could happen.  I guess it’s good to have a real challenge, though, and hopefully I can bring up my grade.  

Work was a bit sad today.  The first place I went, I didn’t even get much chance to visit the lady I was to visit, because another lady was distressed and kept yelling, and I was trying to calm her, but her yelling made another man all upset, and I was trying to keep him from spilling his drink and from being mean to her.   Later I talked a bit to another woman who told me of how her husband had left her with four children to raise so he could run around with other women. The catch: he brought his laundry home each week for her to do…and she did it. He also abused their little boy….whipped him w/ his belt so hard that he had bruised for two weeks. How do I respond to that?  I can’t even begin to imagine.  She is a woman of strength.


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