These past few days have been interesting.  It was great to see the “Bossler crew”.    Didn’t have alot of time for one-on-one, but what’s new.  It was good just to hang out…and especially to see Heidi .

At home was good. Thanksgiving day, we had minimal fighting, but didn’t escape without any squabbles.  In time, maybe….

The trip to see relatives was good, and yet a bit sad.  I love getting together with them, even though I never liked it much when I was little.  My cute little cousin gave me ballet lessons….I had to hop on one foot around the room, then arc my hands above my head and twirl.  It was quite fun.   But I did notices some sad things.  The term broken family comes to mind. I know we aren’t a “broken family” as such, and yet I noticed so many undercurrent-conflicts…an aunt that isn’t quite accepted, an uncle who has yet to learn the virtue of gentleness, and some unspoken conflict as we made plans for Christmas.  Then on to the other side of the family for a few hours.  It was alot of fun….alot of laughing really hard…mostly at my grandmother.  The time there brought to mind other subjects for another time……..

But I also just realized how soon to over this semester is…and suddenly I’m not sure I’m ready.  Such a change from the beggining of the semester.  I just have to have faith that the new friendships that have been planted but barely rooted won’t die before I have another chance to water them.

Ephesians 6:1
Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.


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