Very little sleep last night as I worked on all those papers I’d been procrastinating on.  Oh, and sorry about the pizza Jon(athan).  Thank you Maggie for your insights, and I’ll try to be more careful in the future.  So I’ve been verging on zombie all day, but now that its time for bed I’m not so tired.

Funny story from work: This lady is probably in her late 80s or early 90s, and she tells of how she has to hide her money so that people don’t steal it.  “Because people have had stuff stolen here, you know. And I had the nicest pair of black pantyhose, and one night I washed them and laid them out all nicely in the bathroom to dry and in the morning….they were gone!”  How twisted is the world we live in when people steal pantyhose from blind 90 year old women?

Supper was funny. How many people were at that table?  14?  Talk about invading bubbles…but I came through with minimal damage.  

And now, a tribute to the MAN.

We are turning a new corner in life.  The MAN will no longer rule the domain of intramurals, but it will live on in our hearts.  And we know that it is in a better place, looking down on us from above.  We should celebrate its life instead of mourning its defeat.  We must always remember the lives that were touched by the MAN.  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. 


3 responses to “

  • winerose

    I believe it was fifteen people.
    Awww, I feel so badly for the poor old lady.  😦  Like panyhose aren’t annoying as it is without them being stolen.  Bah.

  • pianomon4

    The MAN was a fun team to watch, and I was a little sad to see you guys lose as well… Sounds like you have some good stories from work 🙂 you’ll have to tell me some more stories sometime…

  • skinerov

    The MAN is AWESOME!!!!!!  It was an awesome season.  To bad it is over though.  I could have used a couple of more games considering I missed like half of them almost. 

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