For all the bad things people have to say about IM, and how it’s ‘the worst form of communication’, I’m so thankful for it.  E-mail and letters are great, but sometimes you just want a more ‘conversation’ type of communication. Yesterday I had a decent conversation with my best friend in New York that I never would have had without IM.  I miss her tons, and even ‘the worst form of communication’ is better than no communication.  And then good old Jon Mitten was on, all the way in Guatemala.  No way that conversation would have taken place without IM.  So it’s not the best form of communication, I’ll admit. But in a pinch, it’ll do.  What can I say…I love my friends…and I still love them when they aren’t close enough to visit or call. IM has made my day two days in a row now.


Proverbs 17:17

17 A friend loves at all times,

    and a brother is born for adversity.


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