Just cuz I can’t resist, a comment about jaminP’s xanga.  He had a list of requirements for his wife.  Some were good…Christian…same ideas about worship…modest.  Some were pushing the limits…housewife only…willing to have any number of children…must homeschool…must be submissive to him in every area of life… be a good cook…be able to care for any guest that he brings home on a whim…wear skirts often if not all the time…long hair…etc. And then the killer….she can’t be legalistic.  Haha…I don’t really follow the logic. And personally, I don’t know how anyone could be expected to live up to those standards.  I know I couldn’t, but I also know that even women who would have grown up in situations that prepared them for such a role would have a difficult time living up to all of those standards…. It’s a lot to ask.  I hope he has as much to give as he expects her to.  But really…no one is perfect, and it’s not fair to expect them to be.


Some funny stories.  First of all, in musical on Thursday…. So the director, or whatever she is wanted to do a demonstration on how we should walk like our characters, so she randomly picks me to start walking back and forth in front of EVERYONE….so she does her little demonstration and it turns out, I lead from my abdomen (go figure ). And then she goes…”yeah…that’s your typical “all American girl/clueless” walk.”  So I’m clueless.

Then my dear friend Matthew was telling EVERYONE at lunch about it today, and this one girl goes…no one leads from their abdomen unless they’re pregnant.  So…I’m clueless and pregnant.

On Friday afternoon I got to baby-sit the kids that I did childcare for last semester.  Yasiel and Dianelis.  Yasiel played video games the whole time, and I didn’t quite feel up to trying to make him stop, since I haven’t even seen him in a couple months, so I ‘chilled’ w/ Dianelis. While Dianelis can understand my Spanish, I have great difficulty understanding hers.  She’s Cuban, which means her spanish has a bit of a different accent than i’m used to and she drops the S’s off of words here and there, and she’s 4, which means that she pronounces things a little different anyway.  But she did correct me when I pronounced words wrong in Jorge el Curioso (Curious George.)  Then we ‘played guitar’ for a bit w/ her play broom, and cooked some w/ her fake plastic food. When I left, she asked if I’d be coming back again, so I guess it was a success.

Aside from my astounding ability to humiliate myself, today has been excellent.  I talked for several hours w/ my friend Sam from NY on the phone.  That was fun, and I got to look at all his pictures on the computer…although he was mean and made me search for them.  Then I got all bundled up, (meaning, I had two pairs of pants on, and 3 shirts and a sweatshirt and a jacket, and a pair of toe-socks and a pair of normal socks and a pair of slipper-socks and a pair of snow boots and two scarves and a head warming thing and a hat and a hood and two pairs of gloves,) and went sledding for a bit, but I stopped after we got to the bottom the second time and the girl down there had run into the concrete and hit her nose and possibly had a concussion and they took her to the hospital.  So I decided not to sled anymore.  I went down and watched the last half of a movie…equilibrium or something…and I was being really annoying and asking Jon Keener questions about it, since I came half way through.  And then I went for a walk w/ Lindsey and Josiah and Ben and Jon keener, and Paul Yoder and a couple other people who we lost half way. I was once again being annoying and throwing snow balls at people, and then making other people protect me from them.  But it was fun.  And it is also fun to try to catch snow flakes on your tongue. Like Jon Mitten always says…it’s the little things…

Psalm 100:4 

     Enter his gates with thanksgiving

    and his courts with praise;

    give thanks to him and praise his name.


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  • pianomon4

    I didn’t think the questions OR the snowballs were annoying, but those mouth sounds… 🙂 just kidding.

  • fallbaby03

    haha… john keener and I would be friends if I knew him 🙂 p.s. esther read my comment on your sister’s xanga… before I realized it was from Jamin’s site… and NOT from Derrick!!! hahah it’s hilarious!!! love you much!!! miss you more ! have fun in all the SNOW!!!

  • kenyanite

    hey!!  yes i remember you guys.  goods right??  wow!! my family is now in tarpon springs, fl.  my dad is the senior minister of a church down there.  i’m headed into missions soon and thrilled for it!!  how are you??

  • Nanyorri02

    hey! i got my Massai name when I worked in Kenya…the people there gave the name to me. I took the picture when I was there last time…my students had a “dance competition” type thing and that’s were I took the pic. I see you have lots of “kenya” type names on yours…have you lived there as well/traveled there? write when you get a sec! blessings, sarah <><

  • jgarber

    yeah I may have to see a doctor. Oh wait! i’m going to tommorrow because I have to get a physical for track.-Josiah

  • llamasix

    all i want is a woman who can make good chai. e’we, wife, umetengeneza chai? safi.

  • jgarber

    I want some chai too. Not 7 in one day, but some. I’m chai deprived.-Josiah

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