I was debating whether or not to give up IM for lent, but then I saw Bekah’s away message, and she is giving it up, so I felt convicted to do the same.  I will also be giving up ice cream, but not sweets in general, as I will need them to survive the musical.  Xanga has now been added to my list of things to give up for lent.  I want to work on my self discipline a lot more, and lent seems like a good time to get a start.  But please e-mail me, cuz I don’t want to lose all contact w/ the world aside from emu!

Three happy thoughts:

1. Today was absolutely beautiful.  Almost 60 degrees outside.

2. I have started that project that I was thinking about doing.  

3. I’m going to take a nap right now.

Until Easter, then. God bless.


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  • winerose

    Oh man, I gave up MSN IM I think my sophomore year (it was the equivalent of AIM here) and it was SO hard. But afterward, I never used it quite as much. It’s a good thing. 🙂 Good luck.

  • fallbaby03

    you’ll be surprised at how much good it will do you.  I only did it for a short time, and it helped me refocus so much.  I should do it again, but no one emails me, and I’m just too out of the loop with out it.  Blessings… hopefully seeing you soon! p.s.  even though you won’t get this till forever

  • pianomon4

    agree with those two comments – after I gave up AIM for a while I never used it as much (although it is creeping back a little into my life – not as much as before) and now that I’ve been giving up deserts, I’m not really hungry for them any more. Good luck – and I think it’ll be good for ya. Don’t let musical get you down – only 9 days till openning night!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to cut out aim because it is my main source of communication with friends who aren’t here at messiah. Plus, my room phone is really flakey. And, I have to have a way to communicate somehow. And email? well, no one emails me anymore. As far as it consuming my time, I don’t tend to use it other than for talking to friends from home and at EMU. I just go and talk to people here at messiah or email them. I don’t mind that you stop using im as long as you email me!!!

  • fallbaby03

    this is a happy thought for after easter…ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah — diana barryi bought if from the peddler weeeee meeet onnn the rooad todaaaayyyy— annetwenty pounds of brown sugar- marillai love you my esther!

  • fallbaby03

    haha… i just read my own comment again and it cracked me up!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m such a goose

  • Anonymous

    I’m sixteen years old and just as stubborn as you, marilla. ~anneah, anne of green gables. Good times. Let’s watch that over easter!! I’m all for it.Yeah for being able to talk to esther again. It was good to see this past weekend. Sounds like you have a lot of drama on your floor. 🙂 Good times.See you at Easter!

  • fallbaby03

    i love you like a fat kid loves cake… so really… i love you like I love cake… 😉 (seriously, j/k)

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