I’ll miss work next year.  I passed Nelson in the hallway, and he said, “what’s a young girl like you doing inside on a day like this? You should be outside in shorts getting a tan!” when I told him this was my last week, he told me I was a sweet girl and blew me a kiss goodbye. 


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  • pianomon4

    how nice 🙂 I love old people…

  • Anonymous

    Old people are cool! Well, except for the one who thought I would steal his cane..

  • Anonymous

    What if I really wanted a cane? I mean, I don’t really know where to get one–but old people probably know these things, so it might work out.And old people can be very sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, old people can be sweet. Awhile ago when a bunch of people got together to hand out something door to door, Simon and Mary Jean were so cute. They refused to pair up with anyone but each other. It amused me greatly!

  • Anonymous

    so the old guy with a cane…It sounds more amusing that it actually is. Ok, so maybe its not.. Well, I’ll let you judge for yourself.I think it was about a year or so ago. I was volunteering at the Mennonite Home in Lancaster. They had me helping in the craft room once a week. Basically I was organizing their closets, which is one of my favorite hobbies. The residents would of course come down to the craft room and I would have to help some of them with whatever they wanted to do. There was this little old man who had to use a cane to walk. He could be quite grouchy at times. So one day, I complimented him somehow saying I liked something he had, perhaps it was the handle or something carved into his cane. I can’t remember exactly. Instead of being like most people and just excepting the comment, he came back with the comment that I better not steal his cane. And that’s the last time I will compliment an old man with a cane. First off, he might ‘bite your head off.’ And second, you may be accused of doing something that you would never dream of doing. And thirdly, a cane could be considered a weapon. So beware..

  • fallbaby03

    p.s. donovan is hilarious… p.p.s. SEEYA’ TOMORROW!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll send that..

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