Good conversations…here’s the consensus: Bossler crew, we
need to be more gentle.  We need to be
respectful of each other. Less interrupting and more listening.  We need less gossip about our friends who are
drinking or whatever that we don’t approve of. 
Such talk should only be for a purpose and only spoken lovingly.  None of this huffing and rolling our eyes
when we talk about this or that friend that had a kid. No rude comments.  Loving. 
That is the key. Loving to each other and to our friends who need
us.  Accepting.  Not compromising…just accepting.  They can go hand in hand.  They must. 
The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love
(Galatians 5:6b).  Galatians 5 is a great
chapter. Read verses 13-15. Sometimes I just feel so dense…like
why can’t I just get this right?
Want to read an intriguing book? Jeremiah.  I’ve read it before,
but in a ‘righteous’ frame of mind. When I thought that I had it all
together (though I never would have said so, because that would be
‘pride’ which I did not have as a perfect person.)  In those times
I read about rightious anger.  Now that I am beginning to see
myself in a new light, the idea of Gods all consuming wrath is a
little less enticing, but as I reread Jeremiah, it seems
different.  A righteous king, broken hearted over his adulterous
bride.  Broken hearted over the love of his life.  A mourning
father, punishing his son…saying “now, this is going to hurt me more
than it hurts you”..and meaning it.  I still don’t understand it
all, but it’s becoming clearer.

Jeremiah 13:17
But if you do not listen,
       I will weep in secret
       because of your pride;
       my eyes will weep bitterly,
       overflowing with tears,
       because the LORD’s flock will be taken


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