Total volumes of music on my computer: 15… but actually, probably 0 since the last time it crashed

The last CD I bought: I don’t think I’ve ever bought a CD of music for myself, but I did buy the Spanish New Testament Audio Bible on a CD

Song playing: Nothing, cuz I don’t have any music down here at the computer

Ten songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me: (Or the first ten I thought of)

It is well with my soul –  Horatio Spafford

My Deliverer – Rich Mullins

Hard to Get –Rich Mullins

Sometimes by Step –Rich Mullins and Beaker

On the Willows – Stephen Schwartz (from Godspell)

You Stay Here – Richard Schindel

Lean on Me – Kirk Franklin

Amazing Grace – John Newton

I will Remember You – Sarah Mclachlan

The Luckiest –Ben Folds

Five people to whom I’ll be passing the baton: 1. Computerbrain25. . . cause his name is Computerbrain25. . . 2. Phil. . . and while I am at it 3. Phil of Doug. . . just to see the differences between their picks of music. . even though they are the same person. . . 4. The youngest of Joyce Hess’s boys. . . cause he seems like all he can post about is his “computer”. . .and it is scary. . . . 5. and That kid at church with those rims on his “blue-light” car. . because he seems entirely too hooked on computers. . . and he should post something else in his xanga


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