Ever heard of a Chinese finger trap? 

Today while I was in the kitchen, my one year olds crawled up on the chair blockade I made for them, since they weren’t allowed to leave the ‘noisy playroom.’ I heard of a bit of a distress signal from the boy and I came out and found them sitting on the chairs I had placed in front of the door.  I took the girl off the chair and made her go play…no problem.  But it was then I noticed the boy’s knee was lodged in the few inches of space between the seat and the back of the chair.  It didn’t budge.  I held him at every angle imaginable, but the knee did not come loose.  The harder I pulled, the tighter it got.  It got to the point where I was afraid that if I pulled any harder I would dislocate something, so I went outside to where the other teacher was playing with the rest of the kids, and we switched places so she could have a go at it.  She came back out saying the task had been accomplished, although not without a bit of a brush burn (the chair seat and back were both rather coarse cloth.)  I came back in to see him standing forlornly in front of the chair with tears streaming down his face, but upon inspecting, the offending knee seemed uninjured, and before long he was giggling and playing again.


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