What is this restless desire that haunts me?  What is this need that burns through my thoughts?

What is this looming that weighs on my shoulders?  What is this desert that cries out for rain?

Have I been living as half of a person? Have I rejected what I would have been? 

And if I could choose to awaken what’s missing, would I lose what I am and be, still, incomplete?

What is this conflict between my desires? What is this war being fought in my soul?

Could my calling be to live as a stranger?  How can being foreign be all that I know?

Will this concept of Home forever elude me? Will Familiar become an unfulfilled dream?

When self-doubt and longing have finished their battle will I find that I’m able to love after all?

Where is this Voice that is so often referenced? What is this Calling that misses my ears?

What is this Plan that my life should be living? Why has the Counselor passed over me?


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