Google – “[insert name] needs”  …. very interesting.

Check out numbers 4, 10, 12, and 19.

What Esther needs

1. Esther needs it to all fit together.

2. Maybe the sketch is the only whiff of homeyness Esther needs.

3. Uhm Esther needs to watch out that she does NOt fall into hypocricy.

4. All Esther needs now is a mullett and some legwarmers. ;).

5. Esther needs Mordecai.

6. Esther needs to experience for herself life’s turbulent emotions in order to effectively render them on stage.

7. Esther needs a cat for all those cat toys she keeps buying.

8. Esther needs her first shock treatment.

9. Teresa doesn’t think that Esther needs stronger sleeping pills; she thinks she needs to see a psychiatrist.

10. Esther needs NO MORE HOMEWORK!

11. Esther needs more friends with whom she can share her experiences.

12. Esther needs help, period.

13. Esther needs to be free from conventional judgments so that she will not absorb so much guilt.

14. Esther needs some TLC and deserves to be with someone who can take better care of her.

15. Esther needs all the help she can get to stay alive.

16. What Esther needs, more than anything else, is to connect with the God Jesus, rather than the God “church.”

17. Esther needs peace and quiet in order to recover.

18. Esther needs fine-tuning.

19. Esther needs to use the keyboard, so she asks if they are going to take off the handcuffs, or does she have to use her tongue?

20. Esther needs a vacation.


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