If you read this, please post a comment with a completely fictional memory of you and me. It can be anything you want — good or bad — but it has to be fake


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  • winerose

    Oh, Esther! Remember that one time we were walking in the parking lot underneath the Commons last year and someone threw gum in your hair from the balcony? Then, we tried really hard to get it out, but we couldn’t, so we had to shave half of your head bald! Hahahaha, that was so funny! I hope you’re not still mad that I laughed at you the whole time.

  • invisible_tentacles

    Hey, remember when you were nice to me when we were kids And you let me in your club at Bracken. And I didn’t sit on the steps in front of the auditorium and cry. That was fun. JUST KIDDING!! Remember when we were in Mombassa, and we went out on the beach and got bothered by the beach boys, and that one wanted to marry you?! Then we had to run back to our place, and our dads went out and scared them away… but we always had to take Jordan when we wanted to go on the beach, but he never wanted to go. And then we went to Bracken (where everyone else is now) and played capture the flag…

  • pianomon4

    remember that time we went to celebration with Joey Vest and Aaron Trimble, and that car almost hit you? You were so mad you flipped the guy off, and we were all like “WOW, Esther!” and we never let you forget it.  That whole evening you were in such a bad mood you were like kicking all of us in the shins and we were wondering what to do, so we got Charity Miller to talk with you, and explain to you that you need clean up your actions, and you punched her RIGHT IN THE NOSE!!!  It was so bad she had to go to the hospital, and the cops had to come and everything.  Needless to say you had a lot of explaining to do to your parents, and especially to Ellen Miller because you were a CA and all.  Basically everyone decided that we should just send you back to Kenya where you belong – and we all felt good about that.  But then you left and everyone was extremely depressed and campus life sucked because you weren’t here any more.

  • EstrellaAdmiradora

    remember when we were kids and you were power woman and would disappear under your magic cape?  I used to cry because I thought you were gone forever and you were my best friend.  then you would come back and laugh at me because you said i was a cry baby… it makes my eyes water just remembering it.

  • fallbaby03

    so this one time. 
    i have to think more about this. 
    see you tomorrow.

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