A Vocabulary of Ignorance


Apathy and indifference.

Hutu and Tutsi both mean Rwanda.

Mexican means Immigrant; Iraq means War.

Kurds become Arabs, and Palestinian is Suicide Bomber.

America is Freedom.

God is Good and buy your daughter a doll for Christmas.

While you weren’t looking,

Kim Jong-il grew fangs dripping with radioactive venom.

Democracy means Liberation;

Liberation is Peace.

Assassination is Accident.

Murder is only Execution.

Weapons of Mass Destruction are Missing.

Statistics are Accurate.

Give or take.

Missiles are Precise.

Plus or Minus.

Give the Silent Child a Reward.

Don’t Question Truth.

And You will never know it was a Lie.

Don’t question God,

Or He might Tell you what He Thinks.

Discipline is Abuse,

But Torture is Necessary.

Abortion is Humane.

My Right to not be pregnant

Is Stronger than Your Right to live.

God Knows I’m not perfect,

But Homosexuals are Sinners.

Gluttony is Human.

God is Good, and snuggle up next to your heater and talk to your mom on the phone.

Culture is Good,

But Child Brides are Bad.

Pop Culture is Sin.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder,

Or on the pages of a Beauty Magazine.

Take Us back to when Children respected their Parents.

Without leaving space for Parents to respect their Children.

Give the Child some candy, so he’ll call himself a Christian.

Save the Poor, but when they die they’ll go to Hell.

God is Good and send twenty dollars to Children in Africa.

Liberals are Baby Killers.

Hate Crimes are Defense.

God is Republican.

Jesus is Liberal.

Iran is Satan.

Genocide isn’t Genocide unless the UN decides to do something about it.

Good people are Kidnapped,

Bad people are Apprehended.

The Death of hundreds of thousands is A Tragedy,

But only Middle Class Americans have a Soul.

Right equals Us.

Wrong equals Them.

God, be with the Starving in Sudan.

As I sit on a carpet in Celebration.

To Hell with the Bad People.

God knows I am not Perfect.

But I am Better.

I am Better than Them.

To Hell with the Politicians.

God Knows I am not Perfect.

But I could do Better than Them.

Republicans are Monsters.

Democrats are Pansies.

AIDS is a Pandemic.

Take your Vitamins to stay Healthy.

God is good, and finish College.

God is good, and buy a house.

God is good, and don’t you stumble when People disagree.

Because, God knows I’m not Perfect,

But I am Right.

Right is Right, even if Right doesn’t know why

They think it is Wrong.



“Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? declares the  Sovereign LORD.  Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live?” -Ezekiel 18:23


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