Childcare was…interesting. Cute little boy, who’s headed strait for a career related to demolition. He ripped the little cardboard toy milk cartons and cereal boxes, dumped out all the legos from their container, as well as all the animals form their container, removed every doll and piece of furniture from the doll house, and wrote with permanent marker on the table. I gotta work on my familiar negative commands en Español. No lo haces! I mean, No lo hagas! I mean, No lo hace! Or is it, No lo haga! Or do I have it wrong all together? At any rate, either he didn’t understand or was just ignoring me. Cleanup took a little longer tonight. And that little dead tree that they have in the room in a bucket of dirt keeps getting its branches snapped off. Maybe they should invest in a live tree that would be more flexible. Or maybe, just leave the trees outside….especially the dead ones. When 5 crazy kids are running around in an itty bitty room, the poor tree didn’t stand a chance.
-Thursday, November 18, 2004


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