Double Standard

Enlightenment is dispelling myths, revealing the unknown, and explaining the supernatural. It is turpentine on Mona Lisa, and florescent lights turned on at midnight. It is experiencing their pain, and laughing at mine.
Education is smiling pretty, because it would be wrong to cry. It is staring out the window instead of feeling loss. It is learning to put the puzzle together and not ask why half is missing.
Humility is rising to a higher standard, and hoping not to become proud of it. It is intellectual prayers to an intellectual God, who loves me when I’m bad or perfect, but spits me out when I’m just good. It’s spending so much effort to be aware, and never seeing the need all around.
Maturity is learning not to express the doubt that I don’t have rhetoric for. It is realizing that concepts are more important than people, and love is more important than my neighbor.
Revelation is being told to think deeper until I care enough to matter. It is putting on a neutral face when I realize you just can’t hear me.

Yet if I speak, my pain is not relieved; and if I refrain, it does not go away.
-Job 16:6


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