Irish Twins

As defined by, Irish Twins is a derogatory term for siblings born within 12 months of each other, based on the stereotype that Irish Catholics often had many children close together.

There is a reason that I know this.  About a month after Lily was born, I got a positive pregnancy test.  Actually, several.


(Yes, I did crack open the digital ones in order to further examine them. Is this a sign of mental illness?)

I started to imagine the chaos that would ensue with three children aged 3 and under.  I’d never have time to do the dishes or cook a decent meal.  Clutter would build up in the living room until walking was hazardous.  Our guest rooms would soon be filled with piles of clean and dirty laundry, opened and unopened mail, and the yet-to-be-unpacked bags from the last three trips we had taken.  The house would begin to have an uncanny resemblance to the TV show Hoarders — or at least what I imagine you’d see on the show, since I’ve never seen it. Grocery shopping would be a nightmare. Everyday, my zombie-self would roam around the house with bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep, and I’d still be wearing my spit-up covered pajamas at 4pm.

Then it occurred to me: all of this is already true.  I don’t think a new baby would really change our standard of living that much.  But still, it would be very difficult, possibly pushing me over that line I’ve been sitting on between sanity and the people on reality shows.

After having several tests done, it was determined that my HCG levels are going down, but much slower than normal.  This means that I am not pregnant again. However, elevated HCG levels can be an indication of some other issues, so I had to have blood tests regularly until the levels returned to normal. Yesterday, after almost two months of blood tests, I finally got a “negative” result (<5iu/ml).  Yay! No more blood tests for me!  And I can finally stop with this chart:


Okay, I’ll admit it. I just love taking pee-tests.  There’s always an adrenaline kick during the three minutes it take to read the results. 🙂


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