Imitation is the Purest Form of Flattery

We lived in the States when I was in 4th and 5th grade, and Rebekah and Hannah and I went to Krabyill Mennonite School. This is my 5th grade yearbook picture.

We also attended Bossler Mennonite Church.  There was this really obnoxious kid at church named Zachary Garber.  He thought I had a crush on him, and I totally didn’t. (Yes I did.)   Well, he saw my 5th grade picture and thought I looked funny for biting my lower lip (see above) and called me Rabbit for the remainder of the year.  I had to move to Africa to get away from it. (Kidding.  I had no say in that move.)

There is a reason why I looked like a rabbit in my school picture.  I was trying to look like my mom.  She had this certain way of smiling in pictures that showed off her teeth, and I thought I could replicate it. Fail.  Also, notice my kinky hair?  My mom was perming hers at the time, and had a little bit left over once so I did mine too.  I thought my mom was the prettiest person ever, and I was always trying to look like her.

So happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!  I still wanna be like you, even if I don’t always do it right. 🙂


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