I Dream of MacGuiver

I’m one of those people who is lucky enough to frequently have very vivid and detailed dreams.  The first one I remember was when I was 7 or 8 years old.  There were giants chasing me, and one of them closely resembled Big Bird.  Unfortunately, over the years the dreams have generally stayed within that same genre: Horror.

Last night was no exception.  I dreamed I was walking around outside under a clear sky when I heard a droning sound and look up to see airplanes fill the sky.  I knew what was coming next, but everyone else seemed oblivious and continued about their business.  I screamed for everyone to get down and cover their heads just as the airplanes began to drop red and white bombs.  We tried to dodge them, but…they’re bombs.

I wonder if the dream had anything to do with this picture I came across yesterday.

Seriously. I laughed out loud.  We watched MacGyver as kids, and I think I had a vague sense that this show was not based on reality.  But I still took some small comfort in the idea that all I needed to survive any situation was a Swiss Army knife, duct tape, and a high school chemistry class.   The world is just so much more manageable when you look at it that way.  And a Swiss Army Knife was something I asked and asked for and finally got for my birthday when I turned eleven on the condition that I be very careful because my mom did not want to have to take me to the hospital to get stitches.  (A few days after my birthday, she had to take me to get stitches.)

Now that I’m older, I can’t help but think that this poor man looks very silly walking around carrying a missile.  What are you hoping to do with just that and your bare hands?  He doesn’t seem like a very good person to take safety advice from anymore.  Shame.


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