A Confidant

When I was in elementary school, I had a classmate who told her mother everything.  And by everything, I mean she told her mother when she had a crush.   I was extremely jealous of her because I didn’t feel that my mother would respond well if I told her about my crushes since I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend.

As I got a little older, I was still envious of that relationship and began to experiment by telling my mother about important things I was feeling (like crushes.)  I was surprised to find that she was remarkably receptive.  She didn’t scold or judge me, although she did encourage me not to date until I was 30.

As a married adult who blatantly disregarded that advice and no longer has crushes at the crux of my existence, that relationship has continued to grow to depths beyond anything I had ever hoped for. I am honored to have my mother as one of my closest friends and confidants who still mothers me when I need it, and grandmothers my children like a pro.

Happy Birthday Mom! You are the best!


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