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Fast Forward

I took a hiatus from the blog so that I would have more free time to spend staring blankly in frustration at another writing project.  Fast forward a year, and I finally have a second (or third, or fourth?) still-very-rough draft of that project.  It’s not the kind of progress I was hoping for, but enough that I am willing to allow myself the small pleasure of writing here again.

A list of things that have happened since I last wrote:

1. I wrapped up a number of work and volunteer positions in Lancaster, PA in anticipation of

2. A move to Allentown, PA in September of last year.  Because of said move,

3. We bought a house.  I like it.  It has 4 bathrooms, so the stomach flu was much more bearable for our family this year than last year when we had only one.

4. In December, I finished the premed program I had started in January 2013.  It is nice to be done with that.

5. In January, Nati started pre-k.  He loves it…except on days when he makes a valentine for Emiline and she tells him she doesn’t want it.

So there you have it.  Five things have happened since last year.  From now on, I’ll keep in mind that I should only plan on doing five things per year.   That was plenty.

Pianos make good footrests.

Pianos make good footrests.

Nati quote: “I don’t want to be anything when I grow up. I just want to be Nati.”